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Our recent experiences

Medicinal plants threatened with extinction on the Dogon’s tableland

The Project "Restoration of the medicinal plants threatened with extinction and safeguard of the biological diversity in the Dogon’s Country", has been realized by the Federation of the Associations of the Traditional Healers of the District of Bandiagara (FATTB) in collaboration with the Italian NGO Terra Nuova, with the support of the Program Small Subsidies of the World Fund for the Environment of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The Regional Center of Traditional Medicine and the Nature Conservation Service of Bandiagara assured the monitoring of the activities. Dr Sergio Giani, Program Officer of Aidemet NGO assured the coordination of the project .

The project was carried out from 2002 to 2006 in Bandiagara and in the villages of Irguily and Nantanga. See the full document... ...

Malaria and Traditional Medicine

The activities have been conducted in the context of the project "Traditional Practices and Primary Health Care", developed by the Department of Traditional Medicine (DMT) of the INRSP, and the Swiss NGO Antenna Technologies. Aidemet NGO assured the coordination of the field activities, as so as the technical and financial management and the communication among the different partners. The project, started in 2002, required several phases. See the full document... ...

Decentralization, Community Health and Traditional Medicine

Based on the Decree n° 02-314/P-RM of June 4th 2002, fixing the details of the Competences in matter of Health transferred by the State to the Territorial Collectivities at Municipality and District level, the Office of the Swiss Cooperation of Bamako committed to Aidemet NGO the realization of a Research-Action (RA) on Decentralization, Community Health and Traditional Medicine.

The activities were carried out from December 2004 to January 2006 in the Municipalities of Kadiolo, Dioumaténé and Zégoua of the Sikasso Region (Mali). See the full document... ...