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Aid to Development of Traditional Medicine, in abbreviation Aidemet, is a non governmental no-benefit organization whose objective is the valorization of Traditional Medicine resources, in the fields of Health, Environment and Economic and Social Development.

Fields of intervention:


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Promotion of the Traditional Medicine, in regard to community health, safeguard of vegetal biodiversity and promotion of the local knowledge in the sustainable development, with a particular attention to the aspects of gender and the use of new technologies

Background of Aidemet:

The young ONG Aidemet come from of a long experience of valorization of the resources of Traditional Medicine:

  • Strengthening of capacities and abilities of the traditional healers and their organizations;
  • Articulation of conventional and traditional systems of care in order to take in charge the priority problems of public health;
  • Utilisation of the resources of Traditional Medicine in the fight against the ISTs, the HIV/AIDS, the malaria, the tuberculosis, the traumatisms etc.
  • Prevention of the maternal and child mortality through the implication of the traditional midwives;
  • Mobilization against Female Genital Mutilations through the implication of exciseuses and traditional midwives;
  • Technical support in the field of scientific search on medicinal plants;
  • Participation and organization of meetings at National, African and International level



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The promoters of Aidemet have some experiences of consultation with: World Environmental Fund, WORLD BANK, Program local knowledge, Swiss Cooperation, Earth New, Decentralized Cooperation (Italy), Antenna technologies (Switzerland). Aidemet collaborates with the Department of Traditional Medicine, the Malian Federation of the Traditional Healers and Herbalists, the Associations of the Traditional Healers of Kolokani, Bamako, Ségou, Bandiagara, Kadiolo, etc. Aidemet participated in the elaboration and the validation of the National Politics of Traditional Medicine in Mali. Aidemet participate to the Pivot Group Health and Population

Actual focuses of interest

  • Accompaniment of the Associations of the Traditional Healers; 
  • Decentralization, community health and Traditional Medicine;
  • Medicinal plants threatened with extinction
  • ;
  • Traditional midwives and reduction of the maternal and child mortality;
  • Traditional medicine and fight against STIs/HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis;
  • Traditional medicine and NTIC